B2 | Step 03: Grammar-Exercise: The Superhero Technique


Practice the Superhero technique with the following words. Don't worry about the German meaning as I've picked rather unknown and a bit more abstract words. After all you are in the master class now ;) Later, should you ever learn the meaning of these words you will remember their gender easily. In short: this exercise is not about vocabulary. It is about learning a very important and powerful learning technique. Make short stories with 10 items each. Then take a longer break as you don't want to practice your short-term memory but want to remember the articles for good. Come back later to answer.

SUPERHERO: fringe - button - nail - sky - frog - smell - fabric - bonus - trial - download
QUEEN: jeans - row - candle - government - opportunity - air - bar - desire - view - loudspeaker
BABY: puzzle - joint - luck - knee - blood - heart - sink - band aid - weather - leak

Note that most feminine nouns (=die) carry a signal that gives their article away. So you will rather find that you have to deal with Superhero- and Baby-words a lot. I'll talk about the signals in the lesson 02. This technique though is the most effective one to know which is why I start with it.


Test yourself twice. Once immediately after learning and then let some time pass. Come back in an hour or even later and you'll be astonished how many of the genders you'll still remember.

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Also try to explain in your own words what you have learned in this lesson.

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