B2 | What German language level am I?

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Take a German placement test

Several institutions offer a free online language level placement test. No dictionaries allowed. But take the result with a grain of salt. See it as a rough overview over your current German language skills. You'll later take these tests again and then you will be able to compare your results and see your hopefully significant progress.

You don't have to do all of these but if you got the time, why not give them all a try? I'll prompt you to retake them in several places in this course. So please note your results and the time it took you to take them.

1 | B1 placement test by DW
2 | A1-C1 placement test by Goethe Institut
3 | A1-C1 placement test by Deutschakademie

What consequences do the results have for this course?

None. Please still start from the very first lesson and do not skip a single lecture.This course functions in a completely different way than any other course that you might have experienced before. You can trust my lead.

Why take the test then?

Because you can take it again once you have reached certain stages in this course and see your progress more clearly which is motivating. And even if you have taken the test before, after several lessons you'll have forgotten the majority of the correct answers of the tests.

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