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The Benefits of Working with Learning Partners

Working on a huge project like learning German can be very challenging at times. Many learners experience a feeling of being overwhelmed or feel confused or frustrated. All these are absolutely natural experiences and can even be helpful guides as I explain in the following video:

Scientific studies show that learning in small groups can be very beneficial for all group members which is why we would like to encourage you to find learning partners that also work with this course. A learning group can be good for:

A | checking each other's preachings
B | checking each other's writing
C | asking each other course related questions
D | having someone to talk to in difficult times
E | sharing one's experience

Do not Converse

While you might think that such groups are good for practicing conversational German, in my experience they usually are not. Rather keep each other motivated and support each other. You'd get way more out of such a cooperation than if you tried to communicate in German with each other.

I won't be involved personally in the creation nor in the conduct of these groups but I will provide a platform on which you can find highly motivated and engaged German learners worldwide which are also very lovely characters in our experience. Simply give it a try and experience it for yourself.

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You can already find quite many answers there so before you post any question please use the search function. Soon you'll be able to direct message members which is when I might open a new space for learning groups. Make sure to check in regularly.

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