B2 | Step 01: Rationale Behind Step 01

Rationale behind Step 01


Vocabulary is best learned and used in context. Written stories provide us with context. Many situations in literature are predictably familiar and rely on our experience. Written stories are patient, mobile, and can be used almost infinitely. Words can be understood more easily due to the given context and their probable similarity to English. The written word is also a visual aid that should not be underestimated. Very often, when I try to remember a word, I imagine how it is spelled/written and I have met many others who do this.

Listening while Reading

Whenever we read, we pronounce those words in our minds. Speed readers learn how to deactivate this inner pronunciation, but learning German is not about becoming a speed reader. You are very likely to pronounce all German words you read with a strong accent. Listening while reading along will improve your inner pronunciation. You will also be able to recognize words you hear in a conversation at one point and you’ll be able to write them correctly.

Share your Thoughts

Also try to explain in your own words what you have learned in this lesson.

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