B2 | Step 04-II: Preaching (Advanced Version)

Advanced Preaching Technique

Remember the Preaching Upgrade from before!

1 | Please solely work with the trigger lists that I provide you with in this course. Watch the video again (!) once you are done with this course and want to use new words.

2 | You don't have to record yourself but if you use the iOS app Justpressrecord you'll catch two birds with a stone as that app transcribes and records your voice.

Other than that, follow all steps from the basic preaching lecture.
Here are the sentences from the video:

  • Ich sehe einen (glänzenden) Boden (m).
  • Ich sehe einen (kleinen) Hund (m).
  • Ich sehe eine (kleine) Lampe (f).
  • Ich sehe eine (kleine) Pflanze (f).
  • Ich sehe ein (kleines) Auto (n=das).
  • Ich sehe ein (kleines) Handy (n).

If you haven't done it yet, please watch the video above as otherwise the following lines are rather confusing!

Practise it yourself

Now practise the advanced preaching with the words below that you already know from the initial preaching lesson. You should already easily remember their gender. If not, now is the time to learn it then. For now only use the verb "sehen" (=to see) for your preaching. We will soon increase the variety of words but in the beginning this is more than enough to make yourself familiar with this beautiful technique. By the way: You'll always find a sample audio of each preaching at the bottom of each preaching lesson.

  • a cup - Tasse (f)
  • a dishwasher - Spülmaschine (f)
  • a floor - Boden (m)
  • a ceiling - Decke (f)
  • a shelf - Regal (n)
  • a chair - Stuhl (m)
  • a lamp - Lampe (f)
  • a plant - Pflanze (f)
  • a mobile phone - Handy (n)
  • a car - Auto (n)

Sample Preaching

Share your Thoughts

Also try to explain in your own words what you have learned in this lesson.

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