B2 | Pronunciation: Syllables



In between every review lesson you will learn a bit or two about how to pronounce German properly. But you have already begun working on your pronunciation by following the smarterGerman learning cycle. All listening exercises (Step 02, 03 and 05) set the grounds for a proper pronunciation. The preaching (Step 05) makes you listen consciously to your own pronunciation of German and in a couple of weeks I'll show you two other wonderfully efficient techniques that will help you to improve your pronunciation. Don't worry about sounding like a native at this point. You most probably never will and that's totally okay. A slight foreign accent is actually quite charming. Learning a language is never about total assimilation to the target culture or language. It is about creating your own identity. If you are interested in what this means, watch this speech of mine that I made on Creative Mornings Berlin.

By the way: Pronunciation in German is called "Aussprache (f)" which means as much as "speaking things out" and a good phrase to remember is: "Wie ist meine Aussprache?" (=How is my pronunciation?)

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