B2 | Step 00: Assessing and priming your listening comprehension

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Warming up

As preparation for each lesson you should listen to the audio recording of the text you are about to read. This has two functions:

1 | You'll be able to see how much you already understand before you even have started with the lesson and therefore can feel your progress more clearly by the end of it.

2 | It'll prime your brain for the sounds and text that you are about to work with. Imagine this as a kind of warm up like you'd do if you did some kind of physically intensive sports.

Now listen to the audio of the first lesson's text which you will read in a few steps from now. Don't put too much effort in understanding it. Just notice how much or how little you already understand. You can listen to the text twice. Once you listen to the audio and push the pause button at will and once you listen to the audio without pushing the pause button at all!

Listen now

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Also try to explain in your own words what you have learned in this lesson.

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