B2 | Step 08: Oral Dictation

Oral Dictation

The oral dictation is basically the same as the dictation that you got to know already in step 02. Just that this time you won't write anything down. You "simply" repeat what you hear. Ideally you do so by using headphones and one of the apps that I recommended in the Preaching lectures: either speechnotes.co for Android or web or Just Press Record for iOS. The steps are as follows:

1 | Start the recording on the above recommended apps.
2 | Listen to (half) a sentence then push pause.
3 | Repeat immediately what you have heard out loud but rather slow and clearly. The app/webpage will then transcribe what you are saying.
4 | When you feel you have done enough of this exercise, stop the transcription/recording and
5 | Listen to the original again while reading along the transcription in front of you.
6 | Pay attention to any mistake you might notice.
7 | Now compare your transcription with the original text and ponder a bit over the mistakes you find.
8 | Repeat steps 1-7 once or twice. Ideally you feel comfortable with your performance. But please never (!) strive for more than 80% perfection. If 100% come effortless to you, congratulations. But that should not be a conscious goal of yours during this course.

Now try it with the audio from the text Gastfreundschaft below.

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